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Leaders of the Sino-Thai Family visited JINGONG

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In October 10, 2017, hosted by Fujian Hong Ren science and Technology Co., Ltd., a Sino Thai economic and trade cooperation and exchange meeting was held in Jinjiang, jointly organized by the China Industrial Innovation Committee, one development research center, the China Huahai border trade bank, the Tianjin Fujian chamber of Commerce and the Fujian Office of the Cross Strait Exchange and publishing center.

Leading guests of the Sino-Thai Family Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange visited the Jingong Machinery Assembly Workshop, came to the company conference room, watched the company's promotional film, and listened to the general manager of the company's Ke Jin-fan's report on the company's construction and development. Zhang Xuehai, chairman of the world peace association, expressed appreciation for the construction and development of Shanxi engineering machinery. In particular, it affirmed that Jingong machinery relied on the national "one belt and one way" strategy to speed up the innovation drive, constantly develop new products, and vigorously expand overseas markets.