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Our Services

Service concept: All for reliability.

Service tenet: Wholehearted service, ready for you at any time.

Service target: Delight customers, and exceed their expectations.

All service staff of JINGONG or its authorized service centers must follow below requirements:
  • 5 Unifications
  • 5 Dos
  • 5 Don’ts
5 Unifications

1. Unified training: all the service staff must take the training and gain the training certificate.

2. Unified clothing: all the service staff must wear the uniform and carry the unified toolkit.

3. Unified service concept: do all the work to serve the customer and "Customer satisfaction is our purpose".

4. Unified service slogan: Satisfy customers, sincere and warmhearted communication.

5. Unified service behaviors: for the benefit of our customers, do not harm the brand image and credibility of JINGONG Machinery, and do everything well.

5 Dos

1. Wear unified labour suits when arriving at the customer’s work site.

2. Hand over the business card to the customer, explain to the user that you represent "JINGONG Machinery" and are here to provide services.

3. Exert the most skilled technology in the shortest possible time, to conduct the troubleshooting and solve the problem.

4. Explain to the customer about the fault analysis and the maintenance knowledge, and clean up the work site.

5. Ask the customer about his/her opinion on “JINGONG Machinery”’s products and services and ask him/her to fill in the “On-site service form”

5 Don’ts

1. Do not whine or raise any complaint to the customer.

2. Do not ask the customer for extra benefits like cigarettes, wine, etc.

3. Do not merely pay lip service or instruct the user to do the work.

4. Do not shirk the responsibility when it comes to product quality issues or technical service issues. Explain to the user patiently about the damage caused by user’s 
improper use and provide technical guidance.

5. Do not do anything that violates the code of conduct.


Setting up Authorized

Service Centers

Basic pinciples:

1.Set up at where JINGONG products are densely distributed.

2.Set up in regions where JINGONG products have a great potential in the market.

3. Multiple service centers can be set up at one region where there is large product inventory.    

4. Provide services 150 km around the service center at remote areas.  

Qualification requirements:

1. Willing to provide aftersales services for JINGONG and can strictly follow the management system of JINGONG.

2. Independent business entity or subordinate legal entity that has the power of attorney. 

3. More than 3 service technicians, with loader overhaul capability and various equipment for loader repair; with available service telephone and telefax.

4. Has an office and parts warehouse with sufficient parts inventory.

5. Has necessary means of transport (service vehicles, etc.) and can provide all-weather services.


1. Recommendations by users or JINGONG regional managers, or self-nominations; The Aftersales Service Department will set up service centers according to the overall plan of our service network.

2. Any party that intends to become an authorized service outlet of JINGONG shall submit “Company Resume”and “Application Form” to JINGONG’s regional manager or Aftersales Service Dept.

3.The applicant will receive a written notice from the Aftersales Service Dept. to begin a trial cooperation of 6 months. When the applicant passed the audit, both parties will sign the official Authorized Service Agreement.

Termination terms

1. Unable to follow the regulation of the Manual of Authorized Servicve Center.

2. Major mistakes and accidents during the work which harms JINGONG’s brand image and credibility.

3. Take the initiative to terminate the coopearation.