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The financial leasing process consists of five phases, respectively, business recommendation, contract signing and credit audit, payment and equipment delivery, equipment management, complete or buyback.


1. If the customer have financing needs when purchasing construction machinery, our regional JINGONG dealer will explain to the customer about our financial leasing, respective rights, obligations and responsibilities, and the basic process. And our dealer will also recommend qualified financial leasing company to the customer.

2. Our dealer will assist the customer with the application and the preparation of related materials.

Contract signing and credit audit


1. Both the electronic version and the printed version of the contract must be signed when the customer has provided all the required information.

2. When signing the electronic version or the printed version of the contract, the contractual relationship is established only when the financial leasing company has signed and stamped the contract.

3. In order to facilitate customer repayment, and timely and efficient statistics by the financing company, the lessee shall pay the monthly rent through bank automatic payment.

4. special reminder: the regional dealer shall ensure that the contracts are signed by the lessee in person and ensure the authenticity of the information provided by the lessee. The regional dealer shall bear the legal consequences if the contracts are not signed by the lessee or there are false materials.

Payment(down payment, deposit, service charge, insurance) and equipment delivery

1. When the customer and the dealer sign the Financial Leasing Contract and other contracts, the customer shall pay the first payment, deposit, service fee, insurance and other related expenses according to the contracts.

2. Fujian JINGONG Machinery Co., Ltd. will pay the dealer related fees according to the Financial Leasing Cooperation Agreement.

3. After the customer signs all the financial leasing contracts and pays the first payment, deposit, service fee, insurance and other related expenses, our regional dealer will deliver the equipment to the customer after acceptance inspection by the customer.

4. The dealer shall send all the signed contracts and related materials like the application forms, product certificate, etc. to the Credit Management Dept. Of JINGONG.

Subsequent management

1. Statistics of paid rentThe financial leasing company will send to JINGONG the statistics of the paid rent of the lessee monthly, and JINGONG will then forward it to its regional dealer.

2. Regular reminder of leasing fees

The financial leasing company, JINGONG Machinery and our regional dealer will jointly establish a reminder system, through SMS, phone call, letter, face-to-face and other means, to remind and urge the lessee to pay the rent in time.

3. Purchase of the equipment (prepayment)

Price for advance purchase of the leased equipment = remaining principal balance x (1+0.1%) + remanent value of equipment


1. When the lease term expires and the lessee has paid the full lease fee to the financial leasing company, the ownership of the equipment will be transferred to the lessee. And the financial leasing company will issue the Title Transfer Certificate of the leased equipment to the lessee.

2. If the lessee does not pay the rent as stipulated in the financial leasing contract, and if it meets the buyback conditions according to teh Financial Leasing Cooperation Agreement signed by JINGONG and its regional dealer, the dealer shall implement the buyback. Then the financial leasing company will transfer the ownership of the leased equipment to the dealer.