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Jinong "KN" series of new products, delivered to customers in bulk

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On August 26th, 2016, JINGONG business manager Zhu Qihe were very happy, because 8 Jinong“KN” 5-ton loaders will be delivered to the user’s sand yard. 

Jinong "KN" series new product delivery ceremony  


He was happy not only because that he has gained the user’s trust and support and improved his business performance, but also because that the user’s business is also flourishing due to the use of JINGONG loaders. At this moment, a greater sense of responsibility came to his mind and he decided to discuss with the customer about the service plan after the delivery ceremony.

Jinong "KN" series of new products to be delivered to customers in bulk   


In the past few years, as the sand yards in Huizhou has been closed down, the customer’s business has declined greatly. This year, the customer finally takes the new development opportunities. The customer is a loyal customer of Jinong loader products. He always uses JINGONG loaders. Later when the market declines, our business manager Zhu Qihe also worries about the customer’s business. Therefore, when the the sand yard was closed, Zhu Qihe formulated a service plan, and regularly visited the customer with our service personnel to implement on-site maintenance to ensure that the equipment can run normally at any time. Thus Zhu Qihe and the customer has established good relationship. 

The delivery ceremony


Fu Jianyong, Head of Jinong Guangdong Office, said that the customer highly praised the excellent performance of JINGONG loaders. At the same time, JINGONG consistently provides customers with high-quality and thoughtful services. This is an important factor that JINGONG has so many regular customers. Jinong loader products are very popular among customers in various fields, which lies in the outstanding quality of JINGONG products and JINGONG’s service capability.