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Best-selling JINGONG E series compact loaders

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Jinong E series compact loader is a cost-effective product developed by JINGONG according to market demand. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime and coal. It can also implement bulldozing, lifting and handling of other materials such as wood by replacement of different auxiliary working devices. Featuring fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability and convenient operation, it has become one of the major models for earthwork construction projects.

Jinong E series compact loader has a novel appearance, and its main parts including the frame and axles adopt advanced JINGONG technology. The E series products include JGM616E, JGM618E, JGM620E, JGM626E, JGM628E, JGM632E, JGM636E. JGM639E, and JGM646E, with rated load from 0.95 to 3 ton; and the rated load of JGM636E, JGM639E and JGM646E is respectively 2.5 ton, 2.8 ton, 3 ton, and their technical parameters can compete with large construction machinery(20, 30 models), but with a higher price/performance ratio.