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Along with "the Belt and Road" JINGONG E series loaders selling well in central Asia

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JINGONG Machinery's "E Series Economic Small Loader" has been promoted by domestic and foreign distributor partners in the first quarter of 2017 after the early market development. Along with the national policy of the whole region, the purchasing intention of the Central Asian customers is very strong. "E series economic small package" is becoming another new growth point of Jingong machinery.

E Series Economic Loader" is a product developed and launched by Fujian JINGONG Machinery Co., Ltd. with high cost performance, which is between large-scale construction machinery loaders and agricultural small loaders. It not only designs novel appearance, but also integrates JINGONG advanced technology into the main parts of vehicle frame, axle, wagon box and so on. The performance and market price of this series of products further meet the needs of customers.

JGM636E, JGM639E and JGM646E, which are the main models ofJINGONG's "E-Series Economic Small Loader", have the same parameters as the 20 and 30 big loaders, but the price is much lower. It is not only the preferred product to save investment for factories and mining enterprises, but also the main model worthy of recommendation by dealer partners.

In view of the construction projects in Central Asia, with the requirements of multi-function, miniaturization and economy, JINGONG has promoted the "E-series economic loader" to meet the local market demand. The product is widely used in coal mines, construction sites and other industries and mines. Its work efficiency and performance are good. The investment cost of customer equipment is reduced by 50%, but the work efficiency can be adequately guaranteed.

Kazakhstan "Spitz Otto" Company is a long-term partner and local product agent of JINGONG in Central Asia. It mainly serves users of small sand farms, municipal road maintenance, agricultural and forestry projects and small water conservancy projects. It has a good sales and service network in Almaty and surrounding areas. This year, Jingong launched "E Series Economic Loader", after the company's recommendation and introduction, "Spitz Otto" company purchases decisively.